How to join referral program :
- Give your registered name and phone number to your friend/family/colleague as your referee
- To join the referral program, the referee has to inform your name and eligible phone number that registered on VIUUM app when they’re about to make transaction

How to redeem your referral reward :
- Open VIUUM website at
- Log in to your account by using your registered phone number
- Fill in the OTP number sent to your text message
- After you logged in, click the hamburger menu and open the referral page
- You can check your referral reward in the referral page after the referee has completed the transaction using you as his/her referral
- Show your referral page to the store staff to claim your reward
- Referral program only applies to referee’s first transaction - Referral program can be use 1 (one) time only

Redeem List

Redeem DateClaim DateModelSizeColor

Terms and Conditions:

1. Only valid for 1 (one) time redemption.
2. You may choose any color, shape, and size.
3. Lens is not included
4. Can be combined with any other program from VIUUM.