Our Lenses | Lensa Kacamata, Lensa Essilor, Blue Light Filter, Lensa UV Protection, Anti Scratch

Clarity Matters

How do you choose your lens?

Do you know why you spend so much for lenses?

Unlike frames, you can only read
lens specifications and believe what the staff tells you.

Your environment, job, eye disorders, discomfort in daily routines and others should be the main factors on choosing your lenses.

Pay as you need

We only recommend the required lenses for your eyesight. Partnered up with Essilor, the world leader in prescription lenses, our basic lenses come with these essential features:

- Blue Light Protection
- 420 UV Protection
- Easy to Clean
- Scratch Resistant*
- Anti Glare & Reflective*


Lenses Features


Get rid of insomnia and eye strains caused by blue lights from digital devices. All VIUUM glasses comes with Blue Light Filter lenses by default - no extra charge.


Overexposure to UV light can lead to cataracts, retinal damage, and many others. Not just Blue Light Filter, our lenses also comes with UV Protection 99.9% by default.


We only offer lenses with the required index according to the degree of your vision correction. We help you avoid unnecessary spending, while also provide the best lens with the high degree of wearing comfort