Our Frames | Frame, Temple, Nosepad, Kacamata Custom Sized, 128 Ukuran

Size Matters

Shoes, shirts, trousers; they all have sizes. Why isn't there a size for eyeglasses?

When the weight of the eyeglasses is evenly distributed to the nose and ears, it saves you from experiencing discomforts, such as red marks, nose sliding, nose or temple pinching, and so on.

Front Frame

The lengths between the tip of your eyebrows and nose, different sections of nose width and others, determines the right front frame size. Analyzing these dimensions allows VIUUM to find the right one for you.

Made from polyamide which offers flexibility, durability, and lightweight, this makes it the perfect material for front frames.


VIUUM finds the ear width, coordinate where the temple sit on top of your ears, and other dimensions which determines the right temple size.

Our temples are made from beta-titanium which is the least allergenic material, resistant to corrosion, and light as feather.

Nose Pad

Nose pad is one of the most vital part that contributes to comfort and fit for an eyeglasses.

Not only adjusting the height, but also
the angle where the pad lies on your nose.